About the Company

It was the love of the water and beaches of Montauk, Long Island , know by locals as  "the End,"  that led to the birth of Montauk Distilling Co.  MDC is family owned and operated at a small scale, saluting the rich history of the distillation craft with a fresh, new approach.  Our ambition: to become a principal in craft-distillation and a "drink-local advocate..." ;  lobbyist from Montauk to Manhattan.

The history of rum runs deep in Long Island’s East End culture.  Paying homage to this rich history we introduce you to Montauk Black Sail Rum, Sunburn Cinnamon Flavored Rum and our latest product, 71st Regiment Gin … made in small batches, crafted with precision, from the "highest quality ingredients available.";   "says our founder."

Our Story

The idea came about from a few people just hanging out on the beaches of Montauk talking about the rum runners of prohibition, says our founders. Ever since the discovery that pirates(or rum runners, as they were officially called during prohibition era) buried liquor in the Montauk beach dunes, the Montauk Distilling Co. has seized the opportunity to turn this traditional liquor into a bolder, stronger flavored spirit.  Building a company on Long Island was the dream and a few cocktails may have provided some of the inspiration. By the summer of August 2013, we incorporated and started visiting distilleries and learning everything he could about the craft of distilling and the spirits business. Distillers are a hospitable bunch, and the MDC was welcomed into the community with open arms. Over the course of the next two years, with the help of craft distillers throughout the country, and one in particular, Master Distiller, Wyn Farrell, we developed a world class spirit and a business plan to bring it to market.