Our Spirits

Black Sail
Montauk Rum
Distillery on Long Island

Black Sail Aged Rum

  •This full-bodied rum is matured in a wooden oak cask for four years.  •Our Rum is made from Sugarcane and its byproducts, such as molasses, honey, and sugarcane juice. 

How to Make?

•Our rum goes through a process of fermentation, distillation, and aging. However, some rum goes through a double distillation process, whereas ours is aged in wooden barrels to increase its characteristic flavor. Our rum can be considered midway between light rum and the darker variety. •In moderate amounts, both rum and whiskey can help reduce anxiety, warm and calm the body and help boost the immune system to fight the common cold.  •Drink Rum  

Bellamy Rum
Spiced Rum

Bellamy Spiced Rum

  Picking our flavors

Our spiced rum has a good amount of vanilla as a taste component. Warm fall spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves and allspice. Citrus is always used with ginger, nutmeg and peppercorns adds great flavor. You can even take the spice name literally we add a touch of jalapeno peppers for an extra spicy kick!

We use fresh ingredients

Use the freshest ingredients possible when infusing your rum. Fresh vanilla beans, allspice berries, freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, and fresh citrus peel have the best and the most flavor. Refrain from using artificial vanilla flavoring or already ground spices in the rum which can create an artificial taste or even too strong of a taste because you won’t be able to strain the ingredients out.

Time to infuse

Our rum is spiced infused from anywhere from 24 hours to one month depending on how flavorful we want our rum. Keep in mind it will keep for years, just like regular rum and the taste will only improve with age.

71st Regiment Gin
Montauk Gin

71st Regiment Gin

 The 71st Regiment was a storied group of volunteers from New York City. They distinguished themselves in many battles, including Gettysburg in the Civil War and the Battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War. Upon return from Cuba, the 71st Regiment bivouacked in Montauk in 1898. 

Our Gin is named in their honor, and our Gin has even deeper NY roots. We use seventeen botanicals to craft our Gin, all of them sourced in NY state. 

Gin is a spirit defined by, and famous for, its botanicals. To be classified as gin, it must have some level of juniper, which is where the pine taste comes from, but other than that, gin distillers are free to choose their botanicals at will.

Of course Juniper and about Juniper;

Juniper is to gin what hops are to IPAs: It’s not gin without it. The word gin is derived from juniper, whether the French genièvre or the Dutch jenever. 

Taste-wise, it’s dominantly pine-flavored and is responsible for the Christmas tree notes most commonly associated with gin.

Some of our other favorite botanic:

Coriander, Pomelo, Grains of Paradise, Hawthorn Berries, Cubeb, Orris Root, Fennel Seed, Lavandin, Cucumber, Bayberry Bark, Chamomile, Green Peppercorn, Cacao Nibs, Honeysuckle, Birch Bark, Rose Petal

The favor that results is truly unique and separates 71st Regiment Gin from our competitors. 

There is nothing like it!

Sun Burn 
Sunburn Rum
Montauk Rum

Sunburn Cinnamon Rum

•After making our original Montauk Rum™, we wanted to create the first of our specialty rums. Montauk Distilling Co was born from a desire to blend fragrant, island rum with a sweet and spicy punch of cinnamon. The result was Sunburn™, a warm and tangy treat for the tongue and taste buds. 

•Using only the finest spirits and hand-selected natural flavors, Sunburn™ awakens the senses, leaving you with the warm afterglow of the Montauk sunset. 

•Lovingly and artfully crafted, Sunburn™ is the perfect complement to a day at the beach or a remedy to a day you wished you had spent on the sand and sea.