upcoming events

April 2023
April 15th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
April 29th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo

May 2023
May 5th 4-7PM Dead Head
May 7th 2-5PM Mel Morin
May 12th 4-7PM Nicky Reggae Night
May 13th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
May 14th 2-5PM TJ Fox Music
May 19th 4-7PM Shamrock and Freckles
May 20th 4-7PM Sarah Gross Music
May 21st 2-5PM George Barry
May 26th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
May 27th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
May 28th 3-6PM Castle Hill

June 2023
June 3rd 4-7PM Nilsson Live Band
June 4th 2-5PM Paris Ray
June 9th 4-7PM Dead Head
June 10th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
June 11th 2-5PM Sarah Gross Music
June 16th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
June 17th 4-7PM Mel Morin
June 18th 2-5PM George Barry
June 23rd 4-7PM Shamrock & Freckles
June 24th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
June 25th 2-5PM Joe Dirt

July 2023
July 1st 4-7PM TJ Fox Music
July 2nd 2-5PM Sarah Gross Music
July 8th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
July 9th 2-5PM Castle Hill Band
July 14th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
July 15th 4-7PM ALTX
July 16th 2-5PM George Barry
July 21st 4-7PM Erin Chase
July 22nd 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
July 23rd 2-5PM TJ Fox Music
July 28th 4-7PM Mel Morin
July 29th 4-7PM Joe Dirt

August 2023
August 4th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
August 5th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
August 6th 2-5PM Sarah Gross Music
August 11th 4-7PM Mel Morin
August 13th 2-5PM Erin Chase
August 18th 4-7PM TJ Fox Music
August 19th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
August 20th 2-5PM George Barry
August 25th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
August 27th 2-5PM ALTX

September 2023

September 1st Erin Chase 4-7
September 2nd 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
September 3rd 2-5PM Paris Ray
September 8th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
September 9th 4-7PM Erin Chase
September 10th 2-5PM George Barry
September 15th 4-7PM Shamrock and Freckles
September 16th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo
September 17th 2-5PM Sarah Gross Music
September 22nd 4-7PM Erin Chase
September 23rd 4-7PM TJ Fox Music
September 24th 2-5PM Mel Morin
September 29th 4-7PM KJ Acoustic
September 30th 4-7PM Sonic Gumbo

October 2023
October 1st 2-5PM TJ Fox Music
October 6th 4-7PM KJ Acoustic
October 7th 4-7PM ALTX
October 8th 2-5PM Mel Morin
October 13th 4-7PM Julia Jewel
October 14th 4-7PM George Barry
October 15th 2-5PM Shamrock and Freckles
October 20th 4-7PM Nicky Reggae Night
October 21st 4-7PM Castle Hill Band
October 22nd 2-5PM TJ Fox Music
October 28th 4-7PM Dead Ahead

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