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Black Sail Rum

The first to fly the Montauk Distilling Co. flag, our Black Sail Rum is hand crafted right here on Long Island. Crafted and small batch distilled in traditional pot stills with black strap molasses, it is then matured for four years in traditional oak barrels. Black Sail is a full bodied aged rum with a first-class flavor profile. Whether enjoyed neat or on the rocks, this spirit shines in any classic rum cocktail.

Awarded “Gold” status at the 2019 SIP Awards.

Bellamy Spiced Rum

The latest of our specialty rums, Bellamy, is our spiced rum that is full of big flavors.  Expertly crafted, Bellamy showcases a complex blend of vanilla bean, allspice, citrus and other natural ingredients. The nose carries a sweet vanilla scent which carries through to a very mellow first sip followed closely by a spiced and citrusy goodness to keep it lively. Bellamy can be sipped on its own or mixed into one of your own favorite cocktails.

Awarded “Double Gold” status at the 2022 SIP Awards.

Navy Strength Rum

The latest spirit to raise a flag at Montauk Distilling Co. is our Navy Strength Rum. A warm, smooth taste that sneaks up on you with a 117 proof punch. Grab your ration and join us in raising a glass to salute our men and women in uniform.

Tunney Bourbon

Introducing Thomas J. Tunney, our Reserve bourbon made from Long Island Corn in a Copper Pot Still. This bourbon is inspired by Inspector Thomas J. Tunney, who joined the New York City Police Department in 1897 and helped to form the nation’s first bomb squad. Tunney is proudly displayed on this bottle. We honor him and his service to our country and our city by naming our first bourbon after him.

Sunburn Rum

The first of our specialty rums, Sunburn is inspired by the warm afterglow of a Montauk Sunset and a day well spent.  We take our hand crafted, pot distilled rum and infuse it with the wonderfully smooth , bold flavor of cinnamon.  Sunburn will warm you up from the inside out, leaving a touch of heat and the delightful taste of cinnamon on your tongue. Sunburn can be sipped neat or on the rocks and also works wonders in many cocktails as well as classic drinks like root beer and hot apple cider.

Tunney Apple Redcap Bourbon

Introducing Polly L. TUNNEY APPLE REDCAP, a smooth bourbon flavored with real apple juice, and the latest addition to our TUNNEY product line. This bourbon is named after Polly L. Tunney, a Carnegie Steel heiress and socialite who shocked the world by having a secret romance with—and marrying—Gene Tunney, an American world heavyweight boxing champion. This is a smooth, flavorful bourbon with a subtle sweetness that will keep you coming back for more.

71st Regiment Gin

A celebration of New York State’s “distinctively American regiment”, formed in 1850 and lasting until 1993. The regiment served in wars from the American Civil War through World War II; we salute those who served with this spirit.

Montauk Distilling Co.’s 71st Regiment Gin is made with 17 locally sourced botanicals creating a classic, yet outstanding, flavor.

Our process utilizes both maceration and gin basket techniques, bringing out classical juniper notes while also highlighting softer, more subtle notes such as honey suckle, rose petal, lavender, and peppercorn. The result is an exceptionally crafted gin with a full array of botanical notes.

Awarded “Gold” status at the 2022 SIP Awards.

Modico Vodka

Montauk Distilling Co. is proud to introduce this premium line of vodkas to our spirit family, MODICO Vodka. MODICO is distilled from corn mashes sourced in New York State. The entire MODICO lineup is available at The Distillery in Riverhead for purchase.

Montauk Mary

A traditional mixer with our own unique flavor twist, this non- alcoholic cocktail mixer pairs well with our MODICO Vodka for a taste you won’t forget. Bold and spicy, as with our line of spirits, our Bloody Mary mix is created in-house, at the Montauk Distilling Company.

Tunney Cask Strength

Tunney Cask Strength is our bourbon whiskey made using ingredients sourced on Long Island. Our mash bill is over 70% corn which attributes to our unique flavor profile. We age our bourbon for no less than a year in char #3 barrels and the length of time is only determined by our head distiller.

Awarded “Double Gold” status at the 2022 SIP Awards.

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