Never the usual,
always memorable.

Introducing Thomas J. Tunney, our Reserve bourbon made from Long Island Corn in a Copper Pot Still. This bourbon is inspired by Inspector Thomas J. Tunney, who joined the New York City Police Department in 1897 and helped to form the nation’s first bomb squad. Tunney is proudly displayed on this bottle. We honor him and his service to our country and our city by naming our first bourbon after him.

Awarded “Double Gold” status at the 2022 SIP Awards.

Bottled by Montauk Distilling Co.


Never ones to rush a good thing, our Tunney reserve bourbon ages in New American oak barrels for 4 years, slowly developing a flavor you won’t soon forget. On the first sip of this unique blend you may note dried fruit, spice, and leather followed by a smooth finish of caramel, nugget, and vanilla. Never the usual, always memorable.

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Montauk Distilling Company was founded in August 2013. It’s a distillery located in Riverhead, NY on the north fork of Long Island. We handcraft, distill and bottle in small batches yielding an exclusive taste. This is where our artists and entrepreneurs pursue their vision without budgeting for regret. We could be nowhere else. From seed to sip, inside Montauk Distilling, you’ll witness the creation of modern spirits. These spirits don’t come to life until they’re shared; the easy sociability of our tasting room and event center completes the experience.

Our Mission is to make world class spirits for world class individuals.

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